The family of hubs, all being connected by the SLOWart network, are each unique and focused on activating communities through art by utilising the expertise, knowledge, experience and talent of the individual. While we are a set of individuals, we are also a set of families that form a larger network that works together to interrogate notions of waste.

Harare hub

The Harare hub is composed of Kufunda-Village and Uhuru Network. The hub actively engages with the communities in and around the city to raise awareness of waste through art.

Maputo hub

Maputo hub is composed of Kaleidoscopio-Research in Public Policy and Culture and Núcleo de Arte.  Kaleidoscopio is an exciting group of researchers, artists and practitioners from Mozambique. Based in Maputo, they are setting a new standard for documenting cultural and artistic practices in the region, ranging from rock art, to street murals and popular art, music and cuisine. Their approach seeks to narrow the gap between policy making and everyday experiences in a postcolonial society, doing that through multidisciplinary, holistic and innovative research.

Johannesburg hub

The Johannesburg hub is composed of Green Office Co-operative and Sounds of Edutainment. The hub is passionate about freedom through music, gardening, cooking and art and works from the Drill Hall base to connect with similar thinkers in the region of the bustling city of JHB.

Pretoria hub
My body my space photos (Prince Shapiro) 833

The Pretoria hub is a collective of freelance artists and researchers. It is composed of Capital Arts Revolution and Pretoria Street Photography.

The hub is focused on photography, art, curating and creating by reaching out to organisations, institutions and regions connected to the region of Gauteng as a whole. Seeking to activate places and minds through events and exhibitions whilst also providing support structures for facilitating workshops and events for the other hubs.